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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

50 Moves: Sadler’s Wells Elixir Festival by Gloria

50 Moves is a sequence of classes, hosted by MDI, which take place very Wednesday morning. In these lessons take part women who have realised they have more they want to share through, movement and performance.


This year 50 Moves are participating in Elixir Festival in Sadler’s Wells which is the most important dance venue in London.

The festival lasts from Friday to Sunday and it is divided in 4 parts: the KnowBody II (23th -24th June) which is the main professional programme; the Elixir Conference (26th June) where international speakers whose work connects to dance can share and provide ideas about the themes of this year’s festival (the value of older dancers, change the perception of age trough participation and performance opportunities for older adults…), the Elixir Extract (24th – 25th June) and 7 Dialogues.

50 Moves are taking part in Elixir Extract made up of the acting of 20 groups and they are performing on Sunday 25th at 3.30 pm.
It’s the second time they have taken part in it because they participated at this festival also in 2014. This year 50 Moves are doing the piece “See Me” which is comment on the work that goes on behind the scenes in our ever changing world, and the women that make it happen. These sometimes mundane, sometimes magnificent acts that are vital in our society often go unnoticed or unrecognised.













    The choreography:
    • Jennifer Hale
    •  50 Moves

    And the music:
    • Prelude and Kiara (Bonobo)
    • Fashion (David Bowie).