Aline Costa & George Adams: Streets of Apples

11 October 2019 | 6:45pm - 7:30pm | Blackburne House | FREE

Once upon a time, a woman and a man bit in to an apple… lights and shadows have been dancing together ever since.

A contemporary dance duet between a woman and a man, exploring their roles under the influences of the stories, myths and symbolism that society have created and imposed on these two individuals.

The piece begins with woman and man as a union, with balance and perfect harmony. The introduction of a third element – an apple – acts as the catalyst for the imbalance of what is now two separate entities. What follows is a constant transformation in their relationship between balance and imbalance, equality and inequality, togetherness and isolation.

This performance takes place at Blackburne House, and is followed by another dance duet, and music from Liverpool-based Jess Bloom.

Part of LEAP Fringe Festival 2019, taking place in venues up and down Hope Street from 11 – 12 October.

Choreographer Aline Costa
Performers George Adams and Aline Costa
Length 13 minutes approx

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