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Infinite Line

MDI are thrilled to announce a three-year partnership project with Fevered Sleep, London based company who have a reputation for producing challenging cross-art performances, interventions and installations and for their work exploring the natural environment.

An Infinite Line: Merseyside is a project inspired by the quality of natural light on Merseyside’s coast and estuaries, from West Kirby in the south to Southport in the north.

The project will explore how the landscape, architecture, weather, and water of Merseyside animate and inflect people’s experience of light; and how the light draws attention to the diverse features of the Merseyside coast.

Merseyside is a place defined by movement (shifting landscapes and peoples, the ebbs and flows of the tides, river crossings, shipping traffic and coastal paths) The project will draw on collaborative research with people who move around Merseyside’s coasts and estuaries as part of their daily lives: ferry captains, dog walkers, runners, cockle pickers, fishermen, shell collectors, meteorologists, swimmers, windsurfers, park rangers and many more.

The project will be delivered in three stages with the first stage beginning on January 23rd 2014 with the first of 12 monthly visits by David Harradine, Fevered Sleep’s Artistic Director. The second and third stages of the project will involve the development of public interventions and actions around sites along the coastline and the making and screening of a film capturing the project celebrating Merseyside as a place that is always on the move.

Rachel Rogers, Project Development Manager at MDI says ‘MDI are really excited to announce this partnership and to get it up and running. It will be a great opportunity for us to collaborate and create site specific work with one of the UK’s most exciting performance companies. The project will also provide opportunities for local people, communities and artists to get involved so watch this space!’

David Harradine, Artistic Director of Fevered Sleep says ‘We’re delighted to be working with MDI on the next incarnation of this project. I have been inspired by the infinite variability of Merseyside’s light for some time and I’m very much looking forward to starting my research trips this January. The opportunity to engage and collaborate with local communities as this piece develops, with the support of MDI, is very exciting! ’

For further information contact Rachel Rogers [email protected]