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Longshore Drift

Longshore Drift was a series of four artist led walks on the Sefton Coast and a collaboration between Fevered Sleep and MDI. The walks took place in October and November 2014 in Ainsdale and Formby. We aim to develop Longshore Drift and work more widely along the Merseyside coast in 2015 – 17.

A short film was made using footage from the walks in October and footage that David Harradine had shot on previous research trips to Sefton.

Longshore Drift from Fevered Sleep on Vimeo.

Turn off the TV, check the weather forecast on your phone, pull up your collar, open the umbrella, make a dash for it.  Get in the car.  Get on the bus.  Keep the rain off.  Keep out of the wind.  Go quick.  Time for a quick phone call.  Time for a chat.  Keep moving.  Get a move on.  Faster.  Faster.  Hurry along up.  Head down, collar up, eyes down, shoulders up.  Closed in, wrapped up, keeping it all moving right along right now right fine.
Or stop.
Slow down.
Go slow.
Lift your head to the weather.  Let the light scrub your skin.  Open your mouth and your eyes and the sky floods in.  One step.  Stop.  Listen.  One step.  Stop.  Look.  Really look, and see what you can see.  Listen.  And hear what you can hear.  Don’t talk.  Just walk, look, listen, breathe, notice, gather, hold, treasure, remember, together, walk.  Slowly.  Together.  Walk.

Part of The Atkinson's 'Footprints' programme of coastal activity funded by the Sefton Coastal Landscape partnership in 2014, Longshore Drift added to  the research and development phase of An Infinite Line: Merseyside, a three-year collaboration between Fevered Sleep and MDI.

The walks were free and open to anyone. 52 people from all over Merseyside took part in the four walks. Ages ranged from 10 years to 70+  some people were interested in dance and the arts, others were just curious.

The project aimed to encourage a deeper engagement between people and the natural environment and asked participants to closely observe the place they are in using a series of tasks completed in silence. Then offered the group an opportunity to discuss observations and findings together.

Feedback from participants:

What made you want to attend?

  • Connecting with new people and a new landscape
  • Time to pay attention to things outside

Can you tell us about a memorable moment from today and what made it memorable?

  • Feeling a sense of community with people I have never met
  • This was a truly special experience which made me marvel at the beauty of nature. Thank you