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New Commission for Move On Up Gala

MDI are thrilled that thanks to funding from the P H Holt Foundation, renowned choreographer Henri Oguike will be working with  the 50 Moves company.

Henri and the group are creating a new commission for the Move on Up Gala performance on March 18th at the Epstein Theatre.

The piece will take the five ways to well being (give, take notice, keep
learning, keep active and connect) as it's theme and will also link
with Tate Liverpool's Imagined Museum performance project '2053 A Living
Museum' on February 20th and 21st - Find out more...

This is a new way of working for the company, who have previously
performed locally in Liverpool and in 2014 were part of the programme for
the Sadlers Wells Elixir festival celebrating older dancers. 

Sonia O’Shaugnessy, 50 Moves member said:
“He’s really brought us out of ourselves, he’s an inspiring and calming influence and has encouraged us to see the beauty and effectiveness of simple movements.  I joke around all the time and he’s been able to connect me to my serious side as well.”

They are working to a tight schedule and sessions will be longer and more
intense as Henri is London based and not able to travel up each week.
The group will be working with MDI's own Maxine Brown as rehearsal director for the
company in between Henri's visits.