Pole Fitness (Beginners)

Sundays | 2:00pm - 3:00pm | Merseyside Dance Initiative | £9

Designed for beginners with no prior experience, Jess Crichton is running two classes every Sunday, introducing the benefits of Pole Fitness.

Pole fitness is a fun way to work the whole body in developing strength, confidence and flexibility. Pole fitness is fun, suitable for all abilities and a great way to develop a new skill.

Please wear a sports bra style top and shorts. Do not use moisturiser on the day of class, as this will affect your grip on the pole.

From the teacher: I found pole fitness whilst studying at University. Although I didn’t have any previous experience in dance or acrobatics, I thrived in the pole fitness classes. Since then I have been teaching classes in Ormskirk for three years, and manage Inversion Pole Fitness.

Class Information

Practicing at Home

Please make sure you have plenty of space to practice safely and comfortably. Take a rest or a water break any time you need one.  If you are practicing yoga or pilates please back out of any postures that bring you pain or discomfort, take a rest and come back to the class when you are ready.  Your teacher will give you any additional instructions or advice at the start of your Zoom.

Studio Booking

We have new processes and measures in place to keep you safe.  Please read our Studio Guidelines before booking.


We're based at 24 Hope Street, with Studio 1 on the Ground Floor, and Studio 2 on the first floor.  There is an accessible toilet on the ground floor.

What to Wear

Leggings and t-shirts or other comfortable clothes are perfect for most classes. Some classes recommend specific dance shoes, but otherwise bare feet is fine. Check with us in advance if you are unsure.

Payments & Pricing

Studio classes are run by MDI and some are subsidised through our charitable funding.

Term Dates

Some classes run right through term breaks, others take time out.  Please check the website to find out when your class is running.

Age Restrictions

All classes are suitable for adults aged 16+ (unless otherwise stated).

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