Meet Martina: MDI’s New Director

Hi Martina, welcome to the team! What drew you to working here?

I was hugely attracted to joining MDI because as an organisation, it’s at a pivotal point. Right now, MDI is reimagining what it does, why it does it and for who, and I wanted to be part of  it. The next chapter for us is to ensure that dance in Merseyside and across the North of England thrives, supporting a new generation of artists and companies to create new work to stage and tour throughout the region. My ambition is to create those opportunities and to really put Merseyside on the map.

I’m also a huge advocate of socially-engaged practice, and the work MDI does across Merseyside to raise aspirations and encourage new ways of expression through dance is at the centre of what makes me excited about the potential of the arts.

What’s filling you with excitement about Liverpool right now?

I love Liverpool, and always have. It’s bolshiness and it’s heart has always made it a home-from-home to me. Over the past couple of decades, Liverpool has been at the centre of one of the UK’s largest cultural renaissances, and I feel this is because Liverpool is a city of storytellers. Everyone you meet has a story to tell, and it’s my job to find and showcase those incredible stories to the world.

Tell us about one of your favourite dance experiences.

Many moons ago, I did my work experience at the Palace Theatre in Manchester, and during my time there the English National Ballet were on tour. I saw them rehearse, prepare and perform and was totally in awe of their work ethic; I’d never seen such dedication, grace and determination anywhere, nevermind in the theatre!

Where do you go when you want to feel inspired?

I always find myself going back to nature when I need inspiration, because it puts everything in perspective. You’ll find me mostly staring at water – it’s where all the noise disappears and I can reconnect with myself and my ideas.

If budget and time weren’t such crucial factors in programming, what would you have MDI bring to Liverpool?

For me, it’s not about bringing things to Liverpool… I want to take Liverpool to the world. I’m excited to support a new generation of exciting work that is world class, because that’s what this city deserves. Liverpool is a creative hub, full of born artists, so I’m all about grow your own!