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Pilates with Maxine Brown*

Mondays | 6pm - 7pm | £6

Pilates is for everyone; young or old, fit or out of shape, flexible or not.

Pilates is a gentle but challenging low-impact form of exercise with a focus on the core and postural muscles, working to align the spine and improve posture. Gentle and safe, each class is open level and offers options for students from beginner to advanced.

A series of controlled, precise movements is designed to stretch and strengthen muscles without adding bulk and you will notice how your body adapts to the exercises in a matter of weeks, improving conditioning, and creating balance in your body.

Lifestyle and occupational hazards can mean that we forget how to move efficiently and this can put a strain on the body. Pilates is a great way to “re-educate” our bodies.

Many exercises take place in reclining or sitting positions that doesn’t put pressure on your joints, making it suitable for everyone.

For more information, please call Maxine Brown on: 07411746171

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