Artist Support

Our unlimited passion for dance means that we care about professionals and dance artists reaching their full potential. We strive to provide opportunities for dance artists to create and tour new work, and are constantly developing relationships across the North West and beyond in order to nurture a more sustainable dance sector.

Professional Class is currently postponed, due to the COVID_19 pandemic. 

We aim to nurture dancers and choreographers by supporting their continued development, and provide high quality professional training. Here’s what some of our collaborators say about working with us:

MDI provided me with a rare opportunity to create a new, innovative project (LUSTRUM), which has become a major project throughout the UK and toured by many National Dance Agencies. MDI provided constant support to develop my work, and gave me numerous performance opportunities (LEAP, City Steps), exposing me to huge audiences including producers who have since booked my work. It is fair to say that without the constant support of MDI, I would not be the artist I am today.
Gary Clarke, Dance Artist

MDI understands exceptionally well that different artists have different needs. We needed mentorship and rehearsal space, and MDI gave us unlimited access to the studio as part of our residency. This gave us the freedom to develop and create at our own pace, ultimately producing a new piece we premiered at The Place. The success and good reviews we received would not have been possible without MDI’s support, and as an early career artist, MDI’s mentorship was extremely valuable. The whole experience had a considerable impact on my artistic development and getting my work out to audiences – I wish it was a model other dance and performing arts organisations would follow.
Joseph Mercier, Artist and Clara Giraud, Producer

Sharing my work through MDI’s Northern Dance Platform has helped to raise my artistic profile across the North. The Northern Dance Platform allows work in development to reach wider audiences, and as an early-career female choreographer, this was a great opportunity for me to continue to learn my craft as a maker, performer and film editor. The audience response helped me to shape a relevant artistic solo that is entertaining and accessible and I look forward to ultimately touring my work.
Lauren Tucker, Dance Artist