Kali Chandrasegaram

“The love of dance is like being in a long-term relationship: the passion is intense to start with and then there comes a time when we want to give it up altogether……. engulfed in a roller coaster of emotions, physical conditions and age! Re-connecting to the origins of the love by even as simple as a memory of being in a much loved dance class can rekindle the flame.”      

I was a child who was not allowed to dance, being a boy! When I finished school at the age of 18, I rebelled against my parents’ outdated ideology and pursued my love for dance; this love for dance blossomed and I never looked back. My initial training was at The Temple of Fine Arts, Malaysia where I trained in Bharata Natyam, Odissi and Kathak, graduating with a diploma. At the age of 25, I had an offer to further my education in dance in the UK, therefore I left Malaysia and studied Dance Performance at Middlesex University in London, training in Western Contemporary Dance. 

After being employed for seven years as an Artist in Residence and Events Coordinator for Kadam Dance in Bedfordshire, I became a freelance Dancer and Choreographer. This allowed me to broaden my experience through working nationally with Chaturangan, Kadam Dance, Sampad, Akademi, Odissi Ensemble, Spare Tyre, Company of Elders (Sadlers Wells), RADA, ShivaNova, Foundation for Indian Performing Arts(FIPA), Balbir Singh Dance Company, Walk the Plank, and Tara Arts. Internationally with InDance(Canada), Tribhangi Dance(South Africa), Mahina Khanum(France), Sneha Mistri(Spain) and DMaInspire(Malaysia). The work included performances, teaching dance workshops in schools for all ages and abilities and in communities of different ethnic origins; in libraries of small towns; for older people in care homes; dance and disability; dance and dementia and dance for refugees. 

I am interested in finding meaningful connections between artists and aesthetics in form and movement through dance and music. I strongly believe that dance is a personal journey of the soul for self and communal awareness and not falling into a convention. Having been born and raised in a multicultural society in Malaysia where diversity is ingrained, integrating differences is in my veins. Working with a variety of arts organisations throughout my twenty-two-year dance career in the UK, nationally and internationally, I have developed a mindset of transcending genres, gender, disciplines, artforms, cultures, age and regions as springboards to venture into greater possibilities.


“There’s a controlled power inside Chandrasegaram’s flesh that suggests intriguing depths. Dancing with a fierce yet delicate formality, his solo tapped into a divine embodiment of ecstasy and form.” – Donald Hutera (UK dance critic)

“Continually surprising” – The Stage 

“As inventive with his title as he is with his choreography. ‘Transdisionale’ speaks of transcending traditions and nationality, this work was outstanding. Kali, in his ‘creative dance avatar’, was able to display the dignity of evolved forms in a striking setting” – Narthaki.com

“Kali Chandrasegaram had an air of power and control. He reflected the balance between the feminine and masculine in a highly engaging routine.” – Stephen Oliver (North East Theatre Guide)