Studio Guidelines

With Covid-19 still circulating in the city, at MDI our existing studio policies around safety and hygiene, class booking, studio and visitor guidelines will remain in place for the time being (please see below).
Your safety is the most important thing to us, and as we often host vulnerable people in the building and are aware that not everyone has been fully vaccinated, we feel comfortable keeping these policies in place.
We will continue to be considerate of capacity and MDI classes will be Hybrid. Those who can’t or prefer not to attend studio classes in – person, can attend via Zoom.
We will continue to take non-contact temperature upon arrival and we respectfully ask that visitors wear a face-covering around communal areas of the building. 
Take care and please contact us if you have any questions: [email protected]. We will continue to monitor and adapt over the coming weeks and will keep you updated.
The health of our staff, artists, students, teachers and hirers is our first priority.  Thank you for bearing with us during this time as we navigate these processes.
Studio Guidelines

Please read these guidelines carefully before booking/visiting:

Changes to Classes

  • Classes have a reduced studio capacity to allow for social distancing in class and around the building.
  • Class times may be reduced to allow for cleaning between classes and rehearsals.
  • Classes are currently running on Weekdays only.

Safety & Hygiene

  • We have increased the sanitising of floors, surfaces and common touch points
  • We have introduced hand sanitising stations and are providing disposable makes and anti-bacterial wipes
  • We are increasing ventilation by keeping studio windows open at all times
  • We have introduced hygiene and social distancing signage

Class Booking

  • All classes must be booked in advance as per the instructions on the individual class page. We cannot allow drop-ins during this time.
  • Please do not book a class or come to the studio if you are displaying any Covid-19 symptoms (high temperature, new continuous cough or loss of / change to your sense of smell or taste), have been in contact with anyone who has, or have been advised to shield or quarantine.
  • Please contact your teacher or rehearsal group host directly should you have any questions about their class content or their policies regarding the wearing of face masks whilst in class.
  • By booking a class you agree to adhere to these guidelines and take full responsibility for your own hygiene and respect the safety of others.

Visitor Guidelines

  • Please arrive in the clothes you intend to practice in and bring limited personal belongings.  Storage shelves will be provided for outdoor shoes, should you need to change them.  We recommend bringing/storing shoes in a bag that you can wash when you get home).
  • Please bring your own bottle of water as kitchen facilities will not be available.
  • We no longer have yoga mats on site.  Please bring your own (clean) mat if your class requires it.
  • Upon arrival at MDI, follow queuing guidelines and wait for your instructor to greet you.
  • Your temperature will be taken with a contactless thermometer.  Anyone above 37.8 Celsius will be deemed to have a high temperature and will not be allowed into the building.
  • Please follow all instructional signage and adhere to floor markings.

Hygiene Guidelines

  • Wash or sanitise your hands regularly during your visit.  You will find sanitiser stations in the entrance hall and outside Studio 2.
  • When using soap and water, please wash thoroughly for 20 seconds.  Please dispose of hand-towels in the designated bins.
  • We advise you to wear face masks around the building.  The compulsory wearing of masks in class will be at your teachers discretion.  We respect all diagnosed medical conditions that may make you exempt.
  • Wash your hands before putting on a mask and change your mask if you have touched it or if it gets damp.  Please dispose of used masks in the designated bins.

Studio Guidelines

  • We have allowed 5 minutes at the end of each class for studio cleaning.  Please do not enter the studio before your instructor advises and leave the studio and building promptly and safely once your class is over.
  • Please keep studio windows open at all times to allow for increased ventilation.
  • Please adhere to all floor markings.
  • Please help yourself to sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes.  Dispose of wipes safely in the designated bins.
  • Fire safety and first-aid procedures must take precedence over social distancing guidelines.
  • Please help protect others by wiping any surfaces you have touched with the ant-bacterial wipes available.

Risk Assessment

You are welcome to read our Covid 19 Risk Assessment (Autumn 2020)

Stay Informed

Please check this page and our social media pages regularly for any updates to the above procedures and guidelines.

Please also stay updated with Government and NHS Guidance:

Fire Safety & First Aid

  • In the event of a fire, the assembly point is across the street outside The Casa bar. Fire exits are located at the front door, back door and in the stairwell. Fire safety equipment can be found throughout the building.
  • There is a First Aid box located in each studio. Please report any incidents to a member of staff who will log them.