Sole Rebel Tap: Rooted-Rerouted

11 October 2019 | 6:00pm - 6:30pm | Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral | FREE

Inspired by American Tap dancer William Henry Lane (or Master Juba, known as the creator of tap)’s connection with the Metropolitan Cathedral, Hannah Ballard presents a new contemporary tap work on the site where the master performer passed away; the former Brownlow Hill workhouse. Sole Rebel Tap’s unique rhythmic language makes this pop-up performance a fitting tribute to his legacy, which included performances at Liverpool’s Theatre Role and Williamson Square in 1848.


Dance: Hannah Ballard, Lauren Tucker, Dani Larsen

Voice: Karen Wynne

This performance takes place in the gardens of the Metropolitan Cathedral. There will be an additional performance on Saturday 12 October at 1pm

Part of LEAP Fringe Festival 2019, taking place in venues up and down Hope Street from 11 – 12 October.

Commissioned by MDI as part of LEAP 2019 Talent Development Programme

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