Blue Room at LEAP Dance Festival

For LEAP 2019, it was important for us to make our programme as accessible as possible, and we invited individuals from Bluecoat’s Blue Room, as well as Daisy UK to enjoy the performances, with a touch tour matinée of Neon Dance’s PuzzleCreature, and a family-friendly performance of Frances Disley’s Tripleflex. Blue Room Member Diana Disley and Bluecoat’s Participation Manager Becky Waite tell us more.

Since 2016, members of Blue Room, Bluecoat’s inclusive arts programme have worked closely with dancers from Liverpool Improvisation Collective (LIC) as part of the INHABIT programme of New Dance. INHABIT provided new audiences and participants the opportunity to experience dance through a series of workshops, events, symposia, and performances.

Blue Room members Diana Disley and Tony Carroll began to work more intensively with dance artist Mary Prestidge to develop their own practice as emerging artists. This culminated in a full length performance at Bluecoat in February 2019, Expanding the Picture II. Since then, Diana and Tony have continued with their artistic development including experiencing a variety of performances as part of LEAP Festival. Here Diana gives her response to two of the festival’s shows.

Neon Dance

We arrived at the Invisible Wind Factory and climbed inside a big bubble. It was cold and we had to go in, in our stockinged feet. No shoes on. We put our faces up to the masks hanging from the ceiling. Some were like hands, legs and feet. Then 3 dancers came into the bubble. They made strong shapes. They put their hands, legs and face into the sculptures. They came up to the audience and sometimes lay down on our shoulders or rested their heads. They waved.

We climbed out of the bubble and walked on top – it was like walking on ice. It blew up in the air. They seemed like they were falling down. 

I would like to go into that space as a dancer. I thought it was lovely but it was cold.


The colour on the floor was nice.

There were flowers and fruit on the floor. The dancer peeled the orange and we could smell it. They had a basketball and bounced it. They had long sticks. I have used these in my own dancing with Tony and Mary. There were lots of children in the audience. 

To find out more about Blue Room’s dance artists please watch this short film:

With thanks to Neon Dance, Invisible Wind Factory, Bluecoat and Daisy UK.