Meet the team

A small team, MDI is a family of dedicated dance lovers.

Staff PortraitMartina Murphy (she/her) I Creative Director & CEO 

Martina oversees all aspects of the company from finance to programming.

Martina is the dreamer, the thinker and the planner.

”I focus on creating future projects and programmes for MDI and its community, my mission is to help as many people as possible live better and happier lives through dance.”

Staff Portrait

Karen Podesta (she/her) I Head of Programme 

Karen manages elements of the MDI programme that happen in and out of the studio, from artist care to event delivery. Karen also leads MDI’s internal talent development programmes and works closely with the team on strategy and funding.

Karen is the producer, listener and grounding force.

”It is important to me that everyone realises their potential, and I’m here to ensure ideas are turned into reality and that the work we do brings out the best in everyone.”






Jennie Hale (she/her) I Community Dance Artist 

Jennie dances and creates with people from all different generations and backgrounds. She inspires local communities to engage with dance and lead more active and creative lifestyles.

Jennie is the creator, artist and teacher



Grace Bell (she/her) I Programme Coordinator 

Gracie oversees all studio enquiries and bookings, alongside producing and coordinating internal events. She pieces together the dance programme, creates marketing content and oversees MDI’s social media accounts. 

Gracie is the communicator, organiser and producer


Noel Jones (he/him) I Digital Programme Manager

Noel collaborates with the team to design, direct and produce a coherent and consistent digital programme. He oversees the development, delivery and evaluation of digital products and software to help us develop new online audiences. Noel supports dance artists and staff in the development and presentation of new digital work. 

Noel is the innovator, creator and mentor 

Genni Debney (she/her) I Digital Programme Coordinator 

Genni coordinates, films, edits and produces the digital programme and digital projects. 

Genni is the coordinator, editor and designer


Stanley I Digital Assistant

Stanley is a much-loved and valued member of the MDI team. He assists Noel and Genni in their daily digital tasks. 

Stanley is the listener, cuddler and conversation starter

(Illustrations by Georgia Knell)